Securely Connecting Supermanagers with Startups:

Unlock the Elon Musk Within You

Supermanagers are a special breed of individuals who blend the astuteness of a capitalist with the dedication of an employee. They are not content with just investing capital and waiting; they roll up their sleeves and dive into the business. By investing both money and effort, they join the invested company at a C-level, driving its growth. Elon Musk, Eric Schmidt, and Yuval Milner are prime examples of supermanagers who have made a significant impact through their active participation in the businesses they invested in.

Securely investing their skills and capital into startups poses a serious challenge. These supermanagers are highly skilled and usually engaged in well-established careers. They want to make sure that if they take the plunge, it’s in the right direction and at the right time. They seek to join ventures at pivotal moments when their skills can catalyze exponential growth, but they're cautious about leaving their current positions too soon.

This is where Tryvesting steps in to bridge the gap. We provide a secure platform for supermanagers to initially invest capital and a small portion of their time in AI startups. As these startups exhibit solid growth and show a need for the supermanager’s skill set, they can then transition full-time into C-level positions. This structured approach ensures that supermanagers are making a calculated move, aligning their expertise with a startup poised for blitzscaling.

This arrangement is also a boon for startups. By bringing in a supermanager, they get someone with immense experience and skill, who is not just there for a paycheck. The supermanager has their own capital invested in the business, which means they have skin in the game. This aligns their interests with the original founders and motivates them to work towards the success of the startup, not as a detached executive, but as an integral part of the team. This can be the driving force that propels a startup to new heights.

Tryvesting embodies the essence of what supermanagers do. They 'try' by testing the waters and aligning with a startup, and they 'vest' by putting both capital and effort into the venture. Tryvesting encapsulates the journey of supermanagers as they cautiously yet passionately engage with startups, eventually making a well-thought-out transition to ensure the best outcome for both parties.

The Tryvesting team is a diverse and accomplished group of AI professionals, business experts, and visionary strategists united by their passion for identifying, nurturing, and investing in the most promising AI startups to reshape the future of technology.

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At Tryvesting, we pride ourselves on being true partners, consistently putting maximum effort into helping each other succeed. We invite you to join our team of partners and become part of a dynamic alliance that emphasizes mutual trust, shared values, and a collective commitment to success.

As you bring your unique talents, resources, and perspectives to our thriving ecosystem, you'll benefit from the support, experience, and insight of our existing partners. We are confident that your presence will enrich the Tryvesting family, just as we eagerly anticipate contributing to your growth and success.

Together, we'll navigate the complexities of the AI industry, leveraging our collective strengths to drive innovation, seize opportunities, and create a lasting impact. If you're driven by the desire to both contribute to and benefit from a truly collaborative partnership, we'd be honored to welcome you into the Tryvesting family.

Join us at Tryvesting, and let's harness the power of partnership to achieve remarkable success together.

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