Funding Criteria

Should You Apply for Investment with Tryvesting VC?

At Tryvesting VC, our investment strategy is focused on startups that not only promise innovative solutions but also have a clear trajectory towards a successful exit within a foreseeable timeframe. Here's how to know if your startup aligns with our investment criteria:

1. Clear Path to Exit: We invest in startups that have identified 3-5 strategic buyers interested in their business. You should be able to name these potential buyers and explain why your startup is a compelling acquisition for them. Your path to meeting the buyers' requirements should be achievable within 3-5 years.

2. Beyond Capital: Our partnership goes beyond financial investment. We seek startups where Tryvesting VC's expertise, skills, and network can significantly accelerate the journey towards exit. Your pitch should articulate how our specific capabilities align with your needs and how we can propel you faster towards your goals than other VCs.

3. Valuation and Terms: Given our active role and the strategic advantage we bring, we expect a significant discount on valuation compared to current market rates. This reflects our added value in accelerating your path to exit.

Ideal Pitch Guide: In your pitch, ensure you outline your business, target market, and technological edge. Highlight the strategic buyers interested in your startup and the reasons for their interest. Explain how Tryvesting VC's specific expertise can expedite your journey towards an exit within a short timeframe. Additionally, propose a valuation discount in comparison to commitments from other investors, recognizing the distinct value Tryvesting VC adds to achieving a highly profitable exit. 

If your startup fits this mold, we'd be excited to hear from you. Together, we can chart a fast and successful journey to your exit.

Please send your non-confidential pitch deck to Avoid including proprietary knowledge or any information that could limit our operational freedom.